Seed Stationery

In our seed stationery you find products made with seeded paper. That is thick, hand-made paper which contains 10 different types of wildflower seeds. Planting the paper is easy: Just put the paper on the soil, cover it slightly and keep it warm and wet until you see the first seeds germinate. After that you are only a short while away  from enjoying the smell and view of some beutiful wildflowers like daisies, candytuft, red flax and coneflowers.

You found the perfect gift for somene, wrapped it up nicely but something is still missing? Well, here you go. The inside of our foldable gift tags offers room for some personal words and on the outside they carry a seed paper shape as well as brief planting instructions.

Lovingly designed A6 folding cards made from heavy kraft paper - that's what our greeting cards are. Howver, the best thing is that each card contains a seed paper shape. So it serves both as a greeting card as well as a flower bouquet.