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All our products are available with point-of-sale display units for retailers. Take a look at the ways you can offer your customers something a little special.

Please note, the images below show our German display units. However, each unit is available in English. Other languages are available upon request. 

Seed Bombs in Jute Bags

Each shabby-chic jute bag comes filled with 10 handmade seed bombs - there are 8 varieties in total, each with a different seed recipe: Bees Feast, Butterfly Delight, Cornfield in Bloom, Daisies, Italian Garden, Summer Meadow, Sunflowers, and Wild Herbs.

Our seed bombs bags look beautiful displayed in our display cases, each made from recycled fruit crates.

Seed Bomb in a box

Individual seed bombs are a great counter-top opportunity to offer your customers something at the till. Each box contains 40 cubes in total, measuring at 4 x 4 x 4 cm. The vibrant green is sure to attract attention to these Wildflower seed bombs, letting each of your customers take home a little garden in a box.

DIY Seed Bomb Kit

We have lot of fun rolling seed bombs. It’s a chance to get a little messy while making something inherently beautiful. It didn’t take us long to realise that children everywhere would love helping to roll seed bombs, and take part in helping nurture nature.

Each seed bomb DIY kit comes with Bees Feast seeds, red clay, and soil enough to roll 50 seed bombs. It also includes a jute bag to keep them. The instructions are written in German, but English instructions (if they’re needed) are available on our website. 

Please note: This product is currently only available in German.


Always having a flower to hand is a valuable thing. With our seedlings, you customers can too. Each matchbox-type packet has 10 ‘matches’, each sown with different seeds. Simply rip one off and stick it in the ground for an (almost) instant garden. We have four recipes: Wild Herbs, Wildflowers, Strawberry and Vegetables.

Seed Sisters

We offer a massive range of four types of seeds: Herbal, Vegetable, Fruit, and Flowers. All seeds are ecologically sourced and presented beautifully. For example in our old tea chests that come with a POS-sign in their lid.

Please note: This product is currently only available in German.

HerbsBasil "Genoveser Emily"Basil2,50€Bio SealBlue Angel
HerbsDill "Ella"Dill2,50€Blue Angel
HerbsMint "Cinderella"Mint2,50€Blue Angel
HerbsOregano "Kreta"Oregano2,50€Blue Angel
HerbsParsley "Gigante di Napoli"Parsley2,50€Bio SealBlue Angel
HerbsChive "Miro"Chive2,50€Blue Angel
HerbsThyme "Tim"Thyme2,50€Bio SealBlue Angel
VegetableAubergine "Black Pearl"Aubergine4,50€Bio SealBlue Angel
VegetableChili "Fireflame"Chili Fireflame4,50€Blue Angel
VegetableChili "Vectura Orange"Chili Vectura Orange4,50€Blue Angel
VegetableChili "Vectura Yellow"Chili Vectura Yellow4,50€Blue Angel
VegetableCucumber "Darina"Cucumber3,50€Blue Angel
VegetableSpring Onion "Negaro"Spring Onion3,50€Blue Angel
VegetableCarrot "Sugarsnax"Carrot3,50€Blue Angel
VegetablePaprika "Lubega Yellow"Paprika Yellow4,50€Blue Angel
VegetablePaprika "Lubega Orange"Paprika Orange4,50€Blue Angel
VegetablePaprika "Lubega Rot"Paprika Red4,50€Blue Angel
VegetableRadish "Topsi"Radish3,50€Blue Angel
VegetableRhubarb "Poncho"Rhubarb3,50€Blue Angel
VegetableRocket "Grazia"Rocket3,50€Bio SealBlue Angel
VegetableSalad "Ovation"Salad3,50€Bio SealBlue Angel
VegetableWild Tomato "Rote Murmel"Tomato Red3,50€Bio SealBlue Angel
VegetableWild Tomato "Golden Currant"Tomato Yellow3,50€Bio SealBlue Angel
VegetableZucchini "Golden Glory"Zucchini3,50€Blue Angel
FruitStrawberry "Tubby Red"Red Strawberry3,50€Blue Angel
FruitStrawberry "Tubby White"White Strawberry3,50€Blue Angel
FruitGoji Berry "Shanghai"Goji4,50€Blue Angel
FruitPhysalis "Peru"Physalis4,50€Blue Angel
FlowerEchinaceaEchinacea2,50€Blue Angel
FlowerChamomileChamomile2,50€Blue Angel
FlowerSunflowerSunflower2,50€Blue Angel
FlowerNasturtiummissing2,50€Blue Angel

Mini Gardens

Simple but powerful, each mini garden packet comes with seeds, soil, and a wooden label. These packets are perfectly prepared to create beautiful window sills everywhere. There are three varieties: Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables.

Please note: This product is currently only available in German

Seed Shakers

Who doesn’t like shaking it from time to time? Our seed shakers allow your customers to shake what they got, and be productive at the same time. Simply flip off the lid, and dance around. It’s that easy. There are three varieties: Wild & Colourful, Sweet & Buzzing, and Peaceful & Dreamy. Each can can cover at least 5 square meters.

Please note: This product is currently only available in German

Greeting Cards

It’s the thought that counts. With our seed-filled greeting cards, your thoughts will count even more. Each card comes beautifully adorned with special seed paper. Simply peel it off and plant it. The design remains beautiful, and the receiver gets bonus flowers. Each of the 20 designs comes with a cream or colourful envelope.

Please note: This product is currently only available in German.

Get Well Apple (envelope in creme or lime)

Animals and Tree (creme or dark green)

Girl with Kite (creme or light blue)

Congratulation Balloons (creme)

Let Love Grow (creme)

Girl with Balloon (creme or cyan)

Girl with Bouquet (creme)

Man with Balloons (creme)

Happy Easter Bird on Egg (creme or blue)

Cheer Up Umbrella (creme or royal)

Pig with Shamrock (creme or green)

Hello Sunshine (creme or yellow)

Stork Blue (creme or blue)

Stork Pink (creme or pink)

Dove (creme)

Baptism Boat (creme)

Congratulations Cake (creme)

Silent Remembrance Cloud (creme or grey)

Grief Half Moon (creme or grey)

Congratulations Bunting (creme or blue)

Gift Tags

Want to make your gift go that bit further? Label it with our beautiful gift tags, each adorned with special seed paper. Simply peel it off and plant it for bonus flowers with any gift. There are 19 designs to choose from, so you’ll never be short of something truly different to give.

Please note: This product is only available in German

Let it Grow

Flower, lime

Flower, purple

Flower, cranberry



Let Love Grow, pink

Let Love Grow, cranberry


Happy Easter

Shamrock, Good Luck






Star, blue

Star, yellow


And that's that

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