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Colorful Green since 2011

The City Gardeners are on a mission. They are fighting for more wilderness in our bleak cities. The three likeable guys, Derk, Jan and Torge, are true nature-boys, two of which grew up on the very same farm that now serves as production facility for the seed bombs.

Their studies drove them into different European capitals where, between dull urban canyons, the idea to bring back nature into the cities first germinated. Thus, in 2011, the first seed bombs were rolled on a Hamburg balcony and they instantly became a raving success with friends and family.

Torge recalls: "In the beginning we didn't even think about selling the seed bombs. But gradually more and more people began to ask us for seed bombs and thus we decided to put them for sale on Dawanda (the German version of etsy)."

What began just for the fun of it developed into an ambitious jung company that focuses on quality, design and customer demands. At the same time, careful handcraft and the love for nature remain the guiding principles of the City Gardeners. So after outgrowing the capacities (and patience) of the families the City Gardeners are now supported by the local sheltered workshop.

Whoever wants to beautify his daily way to work, looks for a unique promotional gift for growing business partnerships or just needs a simple way to plant flowers finds the perfect solution with the small balls made of soil, clay and seeds.

"You don't need a green thumb for our products," Jan emphasises. "Any little patch of soil could be seed-bombed. After bombing, you just need to hope for rain or help the seeds out with a watering can and before long you could see the first results."

And how big do the City Gardeners want to grow in the future? Derk: "We are always working on new products to give both customers and retailers the possibility to make the world a bit better. Our goal is to enable inexperienced gardeners to sense the happiness that comes with seeing things grow that you yourself planted. The guiding principle for us is always sustainability. Also, our seed bombs are always a nice gift idea :-)"


You could find a large selection of high resolution pictures in our Google Drive. Here are some examples: