Our Environment

Since the beginning, we've been committed to keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. On this page, you can learn how we're achieving this goal. If you have more ideas of ways we can help improve our environment, we'd love to hear from you. We welcome your e-mail or call.

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Providing work for handicapped persons

In cooperation with the "Lebenshilfe Nordhorn", a local sheltered workshop, we are providing workplaces for handicapped people from our region. This enables them to earn their own money and have a structured workday.

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EU Bio Seal

Since April 2015, we've been certified under article 29 paragraph 1 of the decree (EG) Nr 834/2007. We're proud to present our current certificate here. This allows us to process ecologically grown or collected seeds, and that our products may bear the Bio Seal. Many of our seed sisters already consist of 100% sustainably sourced seeds.

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DHL GoGreen

Transport is probably the biggest environmental problem that faces City Gardeners. Therefore, we use DHL's GoGreen programme. Since June 2013, we've been able to offset any carbon created by our package delivery, using climate protection projects. You can find our current certificate here.

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Made in Germany

Our products are made in Germany. We produce about half on our farm in Nordhorn, and the rest in cooperation with local shelters. As City Gardeners, we want to help the people in our neighbourhoods, not just the wildlife.

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After reading an article on the carbon cost of the internet, we decided to use a webhosting company that runs its servers with sustainable electricity. In January 2015 we discovered checkdomain and moved our websites to their carbon-neutral servers. So the page you are reading right now was generated by an eco-server.

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We are a proud nominee and finalist of the PSI sustainability award 2016. This award is given to companies that are not flooding the promotional gift market with cheap ballpens or lighters but that make sustainable green promotional gifts for companies that want to make a difference.