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Lovingly designed motifs printed on thick kraft paper A6 folding cards - that's our greeting cards in one sentence. But it gets even better: Each card has a shape made of seeded paper attached to it. So our cards are both greeting card and flowers at the same time. The hand-made seeded paper contains 10 different wildflower seeds like candytuft, daisies, coneflowers and crimson flax. The shape is also printed on to the card so that even when the flowers are already in full bloom you could still enjoy the design.

Our greeting cards

If you scrolled this far you rather don't like any of our cards or you have an unanswered question. As I really can't imagine you not like any of our cards here is some more information on them:

  • the attached half-moon is made from hand-made seed paper. After detaching it, simply put it on the ground, cover it lightly with soil, water it and it will grow into beautiful wildflowers.
  • the seeded paper contains: candytuft, flowering flax, siberian wallflower, zinnia, sweet william, common poppy, toadflax, sweet william catchfly, daisies and coneflowers.
  • the half-moon is also printed on the card so that the design stays intact even after detaching it.
  • the greeting card has a size of 10,5 x 14,8 cm (A6) and is made of 283g/m² kraft paper. The envelope is in C6 format, so it's 11,4 x 16,2 cm big.
  • together the envelope and the card weigh about 15 gram. So depending on where you live postage is about 0,70€.