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The perfect gift for your green-fingered friend! A seed bomb is a small ball of clay and soil, packed with seeds. Easily placed, or thrown, each seed bomb needs only water and sunlight in order to burst into life. Our "Wildflower" seed bomb contains a variety of 27 different seeds, including Pheasant's eye, Sweet alyssum and Garden cornflower.Each 4cm cardboard cube comes equipped with a single seed bomb to get you started. If you would like more, check out our filled linen bags.

Our Wildflowers mix contains the following types of seeds:

  • Agrostemma githago (corn cockle)
  • Alyssum maritimum (sweet allysum)
  • Anchusa capensis (anchusa)
  • Anthemis tinctoria (dyers' chamomile)
  • Calendula off. (marigold)
  • Centaurea cyanus (cornflower)
  • Chreianthus allionii (wallflower)
  • Chrysanthemum segetum (feverfew)
  • Collinsia bicolor (bull horn acarcia)
  • Delphinium consolida (field larkspur)
  • Echium Blue Bedder (Paterson's curse)
  • Gilia capitata (Jacob's ladder)
  • Gypsophila paniculata (baby's breath)
  • Iberis amara (bitter candytuft)
  • Linum rubrum (red flax)
  • Linum usitatissimum (common flax)
  • Lotus corniculatus (birdsfoot trefoil)
  • Lupinus hartwegii (lupin)
  • Malcolmia maritima (Meerstrandlevkoje)
  • Matthiola bicornis (stock)
  • Nemophila menziesii (baby blue eyes)
  • Oenothera erythrosepala (evening primrose)
  • Papaver rhoeas (common poppy)
  • Phacelia (lacy phacelia)
  • Salvia horminium (salvia)
  • Silene coeli-rosa (rose silene)
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