"Colourful Green" - That is our credo and that shows in our wardrobe. Are you with us? Then reveal yourself as a City Gardener. For more green in your wardrobe, in your city and in the world!

Standing knee-deep in the mud but still want to look great? No problem with our shirts for City Gardenesses. The big advantage: All our shirst are only available in one colour and one cut. So there is no time-consuming selection process :)

Gardening is hard work. Want to kepp your steeled body from attracting envious looks? We have the perfect wrapping. Great advantage: The green message diverts views from your wide chest. Finally you'll be able to walk the streets unmolested!

Springlike green can now be enjoyed in wintertime. With our cuddly hoodies. Perfect: The kangaroo pocket holds up to 40 seed bombs. The decent-seized hood is also spacious enough to keep your head warm in winter. The hoodie is for men, women and anything in between.

Our clothing in action

Here is the proof: Our clothing brings out the best in anyone. Because believe me when I say that seeing Derk, Jan and Torge with another shirt is worse than seeing Paris Hilton unvarnished after a party at the Ritz on a free cahmpagne night.